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Musical Performance


Kemane Sample Kit @Splice

For this sample collection Found Sound Nation teamed up with master daf (frame drum) player, Tarık Aslan, and self-taught luthier and craftsman, Ruşen Can Acet, to create a set of dynamic percussive Daf loops and intoxicating melodies played on one of the oldest Turkish bowed instruments - the kabak kemane. This set of samples was recorded in Istanbul by Tarık and Ruşen and features hand-built instruments made by the performers themselves.


Music Projects

OneBeat is an initiative of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, & produced by Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation.

In 2016, OneBeat Istanbul brought together socially engaged musicians from Turkey’s many ethnic backgrounds, and those feeling conflict, to create music projects that contribute to building resilient civil societies.


In celebration of a decade of the global music diplomacy initiative OneBeat, the “Best Of OneBeat 2012 - 2022 Mixtape” features tracks from 18 OneBeat programs. 
Musicians from across the globe gather in the heart of Jerusalem and create a space beyond jurisdiction. 

Collaborated Albums

Bade Nosa
Küskün Yolcunun Türküsü


Diren İnaç

Buğrahan Çayır
İstanbul Yanıyor


Evrencan Gündüz
Bu Toprağın Sesleri


Live Performances @ Bu Toprağın Sesleri 

Cem Erdost İleri
İçinde Yol Var



Çınar Türker
Live Performance Recordings

@ İstanbul


Tarz-ı Vefa Kervanı, Tahir Ayne, 
Home Recording Session

@ Alanya


Ruhi Su Dostlar Korosu


The Friends Choir that it was established in 1975 by Ruhi Su was a Turkish opera singer, folk singer and saz virtuoso. The choir continues to keep his voice, his music of the heart and his songs alive.

Vocal @Tenor Section & Kabak Kemane

2014-2019  @ İstanbul


3 x 2 
The band consists of
3 couple of siblings.

(2 Twins and 1 couple of brothers).

@ İstanbul

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