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Ruşen Can Acet is a multi-discipline artist and music entrepreneur based in Istanbul. 

His combined interests led him to pursue engineering, with his undergraduate thesis on musical acoustics earning him top honors from the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers. He is currently doing a Ph.D. in Music (Sound Engineering and Design) at İstanbul Technical University after ten years of mechanical engineering practice.

Ruşen was introduced to Turkish folk music by his uncle, a local ethnomusicologist and archivist, he began his enthused musical studies from a young age. As a musician, kabak kemane player, he has toured extensively and currently performs with several musical ensembles. He is a fellow of “OneBeat” music project, which is an initiative of the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

A self-taught luthier and craftsman, he builds authentic musical instruments such as kabak kemane and kamancha in his atelier. He was a finalist at Georgia Tech’s Margareth Guthman Instrument Design Competition with the Lego Microtonal Guitar project in 2021. And the team won the People’s Choice Award 

As an entrepreneur, He founded Meşk Music Tech Co. in 2019 and trying to re-channel his passion into a fresh technology start-up in the field of music education technologies. "Meşk Project" aims to develop digital tools for eastern traditional music education. The first outcome of the project is a mobile app called “Meşk Tune” was released in June 2022. Meşk Tune is a free world music tuning app. The ultimate tuner for both eastern and western musical instruments such as bağlama, oud, tanbur, banjo, violin, kemane, guitar, ukulele etc. 

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